How to Cut Your Crease


You may have already mastered the basics of smoky eyes and cat eyes, but one thing that continues to evade even the most skilled of makeup artists is the classic eye defining technique of crease-cutting. 

You may have noticed that the stars with sexy and come-hither eyes in Hollywood have one thing in common: defined eye creases. And while some of us are gifted with natural deep eye creases, some of us would have to make do with barely there lines. However, before you completely give up on this look, we’re giving you some pointers to help you achieve it. All you need to do is to follow this step-by-step guide. 

Step #1: Apply primer on your lids
What you want to start with is a nice and clean canvas. To ensure this, you need to apply primer all over your lids. This may sound counterproductive but this will allow you to really shape your lids and make sure that your makeup stays in place all throughout your day. 

We recommend that you use beige and nude colored primers so the colors you apply on top will really pop. 

Step #2: Now cut your crease
For the main event: lining your crease. What you need here is an angled brush or a kohl liner, it’s up to you, and trace the line along your natural crease. So start tracing it from the outer corner of your eyes then working your way inwards. Don’t forget to blend in the harsh lines after for a more natural look. When that’s done, take a darker shadow and then retrace the crease. Blend this out again afterwards. 

Step #3: Tidy it up
To do this, you need to dab on a small amount of concealer and then dab this directly on your lids. Make sure to avoid covering up the crease that you had just drawn on. Choose a nice and slightly shimmery shade to help the lines that you have just created stand out. 

Step #4: Then wing it
Now that you have a well-defined crease, time to put in the finishing touches. Trace your upper lash line with black eye liner and then wing it at the ends and voila—you’re done.